Star Matrix For Child Sex Abuse Survivors: Start Your Own Book Of Stars Today!

Over the years I have been working with abuse survivors and PTSD sufferers, I have come to appreciate the urgent need of reconnecting people with their high positive memories to stabilise their energy systems and counterbalance the "trauma labyrinth." In 2020, I finally decided to make this official and created Star Matrix - the high energy, positive alternative to the endless quest for trauma. You can start with your own Book of Stars today. Read on.

Free Distance Healing Energy Mini-Course - How to do Distance Healing in Modern Energy step by step!

We often hear people ask for Distance Healing - but how do you do that??? Here is a free Mini-Course on how to do beautiful energy healing at the distance that feels wonderful - step by step! With lots of love from Silvia x Support me in my mission: Join the GoE for just £3.33 a month, get loads of members benefits, and help us make the world a happier, more reasonable and more loving place!

🎉 Silvia Hartmann's YouTube Channel Surpasses 800 Subscribers!

A big congratulations to Silvia Hartmann and her new YouTube channel for surpassing EIGHT HUNDRED subscribers this month!

Silvia is regularly uploading fantastic free videos on all aspects of Modern Energy so thanks to all subscribers for supporting the channel.

Sunday Live with Silvia Hartmann

Watch the complete collection of live streams with GoE President Silvia Hartmann including energy exercises and latest news from the GoE.

I am Immortal: Why Your Immmortality Matters!

Am I immortal? The answer to this question about personal immortality is one of the master keys to raising the all important ENERGY AVERAGE - your default setting on the Modern Energy Chart. Here is IMMORTALITY from the Modern Energy Perspective - a far more important topic by a major mile than "death." So, let's talk about immortality, and why your immortality matters! ----------------------------- Please support my mission to make the world of human beings a happier, more loving and more logical place! Join the GoE for just £3.33 a month - check out the member benefits here:

Is There Justice In The Universe? with Silvia Hartmann

There is so much injustice in the world of humans that many have lost faith in a "higher order." In this video, I explain the 3 Level Approach (to keeping your sanity as a human being) and submit my reasons for why we live in a universe that is just - and logical, and loving.

Mehr Liebe im Leben! Modernes Energietappen mit Silvia Hartmann

Die Liebe ist absolut eine reine Energiesache - die Liebe fliesst durch uns hindurch, macht uns staerker, macht uns gluecklicher. Hier ist eine schnelle, schoene Energietappensession fuer "Mehr Liebe im Leben!" mit Silvia Hartmann.

Valentines Day Romance - Who needs more ROMANCE in their lives????

A story about a lady who felt she needed more ROMANCE in her life, and some Modern Energy Tapping for romance :-) PS: Every day can be Valentine's Day :-)

Storm Anxiety Self Help Session with Silvia Hartmann

There is a massive storm happening in the UK at the moment, and I was asked to record a self help session for STORM ANXIETY. You can do this more than once, and there's no tapping, just empowering Modern Energy for you. With lots of love - stay strong! x

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Stress - The Modern Energy Perspective

Modern Energy operates from the fact that we really do have an energy body, and it is the energy body which produces our emotions, and our emotional states. Stress, anxiety, fear and panic are an escalation of ever lower energy states, and although they may feel as though there is too much energy, it is the absence of energy that is the problem. Learn more about Modern Energy, gain your Modern Energy Foundation certificate here:

EMO Beauty T Live Recording with Silvia Hartmann

Members are invited to listen the complete audio recording of the 2004 BeautyT live training with Silvia Hartmann in the UK.

This is a unique opportunity to listen to the complete set of LIVE presentations on Beauty T, which must surely be one of the most ambitious and far reaching PRACTICAL APPLICATION of Energy Magic at the cutting edges available to the public today.

Body Confidence 3 Top Energy Tips

Everybody thinks all sorts of things are wrong with their bodies - literally, everyone! Armed with Modern Energy wisdom, we can take another tack altogether and realise that "confidence" in anything is an ENERGY thing. We can raise energy, become more "body confident" and also change our attitude to our poor physical bodies, to make them feel more loved, more sexy, more sparkling! In return, we get more body confidence - and get to have a lot more fun with love, life, and everything :-)

May The Force Be With You! The Force Is Real & It Is HERE.

Star Wars THE FORCE explained - what the Force is, how we kown The Force is real, why we need The Force, what it can do, and what it isn't particularly good at. For a full introduction to The Force, aka Energy, please see

✨ Congratulations & Good Luck Star Matrixers!

With the final course unit going live this Monday, all of us at GoE HQ wish the students all the best as they study for their exams, complete the online tests and book their final one-to-one video call with GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

We can certainly say they've been on an incredible personal journey these past few months and we can't wait to see how they end up applying their Star Matrix Master qualification to begin the next chapter of their lives.

If you would like to join the 2020 class with Silvia Hartmann, please do register ASAP for one of the places available. The course starts 20th April 2020.

The Triumph of the BAD Drawings! A Star Matrix Story

I originally recorded this story spontaneously for the Star Matrix students, then I thought, the Modern Energy Art students might find this beneficial too, and then I thought, really, everyone needs to hear this at least once! So here it is - the triumph of the bad drawings. It really is all about ENERGY - get the ENERGY right, and you're on the right track, right on the money, on the right path - congruency achieved. The "Star Stories" - stories of personal moments of enlightenment, or AHA! if the term enlightenment scares you :-) - are at the heart of Star Matrix. I look forward to share more Star Stories of my own, and those of other people, in the future. I believe that our true life stories are precious - of course they are the treasures and riches of our own life time, but they are also precious because we can pass on inspiration and ideas that way, in that human way, that nothing else can match. With lots of love! xxx

Pazartesi Enerji Ritüeli Silvia Hartmann - Hadi haftaya bunun ile başlayalım!

Pazartesi Enerji Ritüeli Silvia Hartmann - Hadi haftaya bunun ile başlayalım!

Pazartesi Sabahı Ritüeli (Başarı - İşte, hayatta, her şeyde)

Treasure Hunting!

Do you get excited at the thought of going TREASURE HUNTING? To discover fields of gold, diamonds in the rain forest, or perhaps an ancient Spanish galleon, still laden to the brim with original artefacts from the Mayans and the Incas ..? Or perhaps we can go further and widen our horizons, up and down as well, and go TREASURE HUNTING in the widest metaphorical sense ..? :-)

From Imagination to SENSATION - A small change with HUGE repercussions! with Silvia Hartmann

We can change the way we think, experience and feel by the words we use. Turning a flighty bit of "mere imagination" into a powerful, lucid dream-like experience that has a powerful impact on the energy body is easy when we change the words we use. Imagining to sensing - visions to sensions - and imagination to SENSATION :-)

A Loving Heart - A Soul Pilot Story

During the Star Matrix course, The Soul Pilots came into the discussion as an obvious way in which "Missing Events" can be gathered.

Here is my personal mission report from January 6th, 2020.

Silvia Hartmann Live Stream: Upgrading your life to version 2.0 in 2020!

Welcome to 2020! Life Force Energy to combat stress and helplessness, starting a Modern Energy Club, and moving forward from planning into action with GoE's President Silvia Hartmann live. 💰 Link to GoE Money Course: 📅 Recorded live for GoE Member

2019 - 2020 Happy New Year! with Silvia Hartmann

Greetings and all the best for 2020 with all the love from Silvia Hartmann! xxx 💰 Link to the GoE Money Course: 📅 Recorded live for the GoE Member's group on 29th December 2019

2019 - 2020 Ein frohes Neues Jahr! mit Silvia Hartmann

Liebe Grüsse und alles Gute für 2020 mit aller Liebe von Silvia! xxx

Project 11 Introduction Live: Before It Was Called STAR MATRIX!

This is the first time Star Matrix was introduced to the GoE Members, and the first group of Star Matrix explorers joined a journey of self discovery like they have never experienced before. All the basic principles of Star Matrix are here. Enjoy the Project 11 Live Introduction to Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann. Note: The first GoE Star Matrix Masters Course started on November 11th, 2019, with 41 courageous participants.

The Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation

I had a Star Dream the other night about a crystal library which held all the crystals of not just this world, but of all worlds, where people could go and check out any crystal they needed, take it home and enjoy it, then bring it back. I loved this and so based upon it, here is the Crystal Library Modern Energy Meditation. Enjoy!

Silvia Hartmann Live Stream: Gentle ways to raise energy!

Gentle ways to raise Energy when you're not feeling your best and wanting a more gentle approach! Plus the The Christmas Miracle is here!!


“Jellyfishing” is the term I use for letting go, and going with the flow, just like a Jellyfish travels on the ocean tides.

 So relaxing …

 Here is a gallery of vector jellyfish, Modern Energy Art (MEA) Solutions for needing to drift, float and dream for a little while, recharging in the Oceans of Energy …

Christmas Stress? Christmas Miracle! with Silvia Hartmann

It's Christmas time and everyone is stressed! Let's raise some energy, de-stress and get ready for a real Christmas Miracle. :-) A Modern Energy Tapping Tip: Make your own wish list of what you want in your life this year. Energy Tap each item, one a day. This will help you keep your energy high and opens the door to receiving what you're asking for. Love this? Take the Modern Energy Foundation course and get your certificate here:

Modern Energy Foundation - The Complete First Course Unit

The Introduction to Why Your Happiness Matters! The Energy Course is a five unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. It is suitable for you if you are interested in how Modern Energy approaches can work for you. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity and MSM Modern Stress Management.

Silvia Hartmann - Your Happiness Matters

Your Happiness Matters, especially over the holiday season. Connect with your best Aspects, become happier and the guiding light to those around you and to the planet you live on.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Live Recording with Silvia Hartmann

In March 2012, Silvia Hartmann (President & Founder of The GoE) conducted a three day Energy EFT Master Practitioner live training near London Gatwick and we took along our cameras to record the magic which was to unfold.

All 12 units are now available for members to watch in the GoE Library and contains over 8 hours of training and exercises.