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Silvia Hartmann is President of the Guild of Energists


What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy in a nutshell - Modern Energy explained.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

"My Life In Art" Story Board Exercise

Telling a story in pictures and in words to make the energy align and both tell the same story, broadcast the same energy, is a wonderful thing. Here is an example story board exercise, "My Life In Art." 

Posted Mar 16, 2018

Project Sanctuary: First Sanctuary with Silvia Hartmann

Project Sanctuary is easy, and fun. In this straightforward, friendly 14 minute free meditation, GoE President Silvia Hartmann guides you through the process of setting up a "first Sanctuary". Use this a number of times, then join up the habitats!

Posted Mar 12, 2018

The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

Winter 2018 edition of The Energist magazine.

Available to read online on smart phones, tablets and in browsers, plus also the option to download as an Adobe PDF file for printing out at home or for use with translation tools.

Posted Feb 20, 2018

The Treasures Of The Past

When a person comes to the inevitable conclusion that "their childhood was terrible," based on a lifetime spent sorting only for traumatic memories and moments of deep unhappiness, pain and failure, it is as though a marvellous, mysterious city filled to the brim with riches of unimaginable treasures becomes swallowed up by the sands of time, and ceases to exist.

Posted Feb 5, 2018

The Modern Energist's Guide To The Afterlife: Soul Lessons For This Life - And Beyond!

In this Special Report, GoE President Silvia Hartmann takes us through an amazing journey to the afterlife - and beyond. If you have always wondered about the reality of the immortal soul, wanted to have a better relationship with your very own immortal soul or thought about the afterlife, you will find not only food for thought but inspiring ideas of how we can activate our personal soul lessons for a happier life - and an amazing afterlife.

Please note that this is a GoE Special Report and basic knowledge of the theory and practice of Modern Energy is required. 

Posted Feb 1, 2018

The Modern Energist's Guide To The Afterlife: Soul Lessons For This Life - And Beyond!

GoE President Silvia Hartmann's Special Report into the Afterlife is NOW AVAILABLE. 

"The Modern Energist's Guide to the Afterlife. It's such an amazing topic that never made any sense without energy at all, and this is something that has always been close to my heart." 
 Silvia Hartmann, 2018

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Posted Feb 1, 2018

GoE2017 - P01 - The Love Challenge with Silvia Hartmann

GoE President Silvia Hartmann's keynote presentation for the GoE Energy Conference 2017.

The positive side of the Modern Energy Chart is truly "The Undiscovered Country" - it is a new world, a different world, where everything changes. The problems of old cease to exist, but we find new challenges.

The greatest among those is the Challenge of Love. Are we really ready to rise to this challenge, and what exactly do we have to do to thrive in this new world of energy? Silvia Hartmann discusses the future of Modern Energy, and lays out the first step stones on the journey into love.

Posted Jan 20, 2018

Discover Silvia Hartmann's MODERN Energy Tapping!

January 18th 2018 marks the day a new energy tapping technique is born - Silvia Hartmann's Modern Energy Tapping!

Following two decades of research with classic tapping, Energy in Motion, Energy EFT and Positive EFT comes Modern Energy Tapping - a system designed from the ground up to get you and your clients to reach high energy states quicker than ever before.

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Posted Jan 18, 2018

Happy Blue Monday with Positive Tapping - Interview with Silvia Hartmann

Today, Monday 15th January 2018 is Blue Monday which according to some is the most depressing day of the year. Depleted funds, fading memories of holidays and low light levels in the Northern Hemisphere are all contributing factors to symptoms of low energy: high stress levels and in some cases depression.

Yet, with Positive Modern Energy Tapping to recharge our batteries this needn't be so.

In this free online video interview recorded for Blue Monday 2014 and hosted by Fiona Truman, Silvia Hartmann, author of "Modern Energy Tapping - Engaging The Power of the Positives" discusses how by focussing on what we want and using the new & updated tapping sequence, we can restore our energy levels and feel great.

And when we feel back to “just OK” we can continue raising our energy levels more and more until we create a real difference in our lives.

View the video below...

Posted Jan 15, 2018

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