Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann is President of the Guild of Energists


Octo Day!

When I heard that October 8th was World Octopus Day, I became very excited - and Octo arrived not long after ... and kept on coming :-)

Kostenlose PTBS-Kampagne: Können Sie £ 10.00 sparen, um Menschen mit PTBS zu helfen?

Die Guild of Energists braucht deine Hilfe!

Im Rahmen des PTBS-freien Projekts möchten wir Betroffenen ein 100% kostenloses Exemplar von Silvia Hartmanns Billionen-Dollar-Stresslösungsbuch anbieten.

  • Jeder, der nur £ 10 GBP spendet, erhält ein kostenloses Exemplar des Buches und finanziert auch einen PTBS-Kranken, der sein Buch kostenlos erhält

PTSD Free Campaign: Can You Spare £10.00 To Help People with PTSD?

The Guild of Energists needs your help!

As part of the PTSD Free Project, we would like to offer sufferers a 100% free copy of Silvia Hartmann's Trillion Dollar Stress Solution book.

  • Everyone who donates just £10 GBP will get a free copy of the book for themselves plus will also fund a PTSD sufferer getting theirs for free

The Energy Course - Your Happiness Matters

  • We're excited to announce that during October 2019, GoE members can complete the fantastic GoE Energy Course online training for free, saving £47.95 GBP (approx $60 USD) on the normal price!

The Energy Course is a five unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. It is suitable for you if you are interested in how Modern Energy approaches can work for you. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: EMO Energy in Motion , MET Modern Energy Tapping , SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity and MSM Modern Stress Management . ⭐ Free Bonus Unit: Also included is an extra special bonus presentation by Silvia Hartmann and Alex Kent on " The Energy of Relationships " which is for anyone either looking to meet someone special, or would like to bring the energy back into an exsiting relationship. ⭐ New: Course Now Includes Certification!

Don't Worry - Be HAPPY! 6x Symbol Painting Cupcakes ...

... of the very happy energy variety :-) Painted over the course of 6 nights around the time of the Harvest Moon 2019. 1: Don't Worry - BE HAPPY! |2: Be HAPPY - AT WORK AND PLAY! | 3: BE HAPPY - HOLIDAY! | 4: BE HAPPY - PARTY TIME! |  5: BE HAPPY - FLOWERING | 6: BE HAPPY - HARVEST

Art Solutions 2019

So it came to pass that the idea arrived to do a symbol hybrid called Art Solutions - and let the energy mind decide what needed an art solution right now.

Magic Mushroom & Der Glueckspilz

Sometimes, a metaphor comes hopping along and has a story to tell. Here is der Glueckspilz, the Magic Mushroom and the Magic Mushroom Fairy Tale.

Overcoming Childhood Art Trauma With Modern Energy: The Fountain

Silvia Hartmann writes: I run a Modern Energy Art Masters Course once a year, starting on Summer Solstice June 21st, and a couple of months into it, a MEA person contacted me and said that they had tried all sorts to get over a particular childhood trauma relating to art, but they felt stuck and wondered if I could assist.

Sky Gift!

A quick but beautiful Sanctuary game - the Sky Gift!

The Gnome Timeline Anecdote

Are you brave enough to send someone a garden gnome with a green hat ..?

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