Sunday Live With Silvia & Friends

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From Classic EFT, Energy EFT, Modern Energy Tapping, To Star Matrix

I just gave an interesting interview in which I was asked to connect the dots between Classic EFT and Star Matrix. Here is the result.


The Wisdom Chalice = Sunday Live with Silvia

The Wisdom Chalice = Sunday Live with Silvia Last chance to do Star Matrix this year:

Die glueckliche Ratte - Live mit Silvia Hartmann

Die glueckliche Ratte - Live mit Silvia Hartmann

I Am Despairing! (But probably not for too long ...?)

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Is Star Matrix "The Holy Grail" of Personal Development?

Is Star Matrix "The Holy Grail" Of Personal Development?

Star Matrix is the most r[E]volutionary tool for the Modern Energist so far - and it simply revolves around consciously accessing the best, high POSITIVE memories of this life.

As simple as this seems, and as difficult as some people think this may be to begin with, the Star Memories of our lives literally hold ALL the power.

Treasure Chest & Ocean Jewel

Sometimes, I like to make a metaphor painting ...

Sunday Live Energy Frolics!

Sunday Live Energy Frolics! Get Star Matrix eBook here:

Birthday Live Stream!

Sparkly, the results of the portrait vote and Star Matrix goes live!

Being Visible: The Star Matrix Cover & A Personal r[E]volution

A person who chooses to become an artist or an author is by definition a person who didn't want to become a rock star, a movie star or a fashion model! Putting your own face on things is the last thing we introverts want to do, but hey, the modern age ... and then, there's personal development ...

🎉 Silvia Hartmann's YouTube Channel Surpasses ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED Subscribers!

A big congratulations to Silvia Hartmann and her new YouTube channel for surpassing 1,200 subscribers this month!

Silvia is regularly uploading fantastic free videos on all aspects of Modern Energy so thanks to all subscribers for supporting the channel.

Sunday Live with Silvia

Views from the wonderworlds of energy

The Photographic Act - The Energy Perspective

The British Journal of Photography says in a recent advertisement: “The photographic act is often viewed as an assertion of masculine dominance; a predatory point-and-shoot action...” What does Modern Energy Art Photography have to say about that?.

Mal eine Energiepause machen! Live mit Silvia Hartmann

Mal eine Energiepause machen! Live mit Silvia Hartmann

Silvia's Sanctuary

Silvia's Sanctuary

The Course In Modern Energy Art Is Now Available!

I am so, so delighted that the course in Modern Energy Art is complete and now available at an affordable price! Here, you get a full, thorough foundation in the principles of Modern Energy Art, which are a complete paradigm shift in why and how we do art, and what we learn about ourselves and the Universe when we do that. Engaging with your own creativity is personal development like nothing else, and that's just the beginning ...

Sunday Live 19/7/20

Let's get STARTed!

Creativity Healing Energy Meditation - Creating Reality Starts With CREATIVITY!

A short, delightful Modern Energy exercise meditation to restore, heal and revitalise pathways of creative energy, especially in the poor head. Your own Hands of Power using your own personal Positives - it's a beautiful feeling. With lots of love from Silvia Support Modern Energy - join us today! (check out the current special offers!)

Neues aus der Zauberwelt der Energie live mit Silvia Hartmann

Neues aus der Zauberwelt der Energie live mit Silvia Hartmann

Sunday Live 12/7/20

Sunday Live 12/7/20 - What are we going to get up to today???

Silvia Hartmann introducing the Modern Energy Art Course

I would very much love you to experience the joy of Modern Energy Art - If you are interested in art and creativity... If you love colours as much as I do... If you have a desire to create positive energy artworks with purpose and power... Then Modern Energy Art is for you!

Sunday Live with Silvia 5/7/20

Energy fun & games with Silvia & Friends :-)


I was a bit depressed about the state of the world in June of 2020, and decided that I needed an energy art solution. I decided to do a MEA Word Art Symbol Hybrid for a special power positive - and what came to me was HOPE.

Hope - Modern Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann

Modern Energy Art is a wonderful application of the principles of Modern Energy to make objects that have a positive influence on the environment, and in the making of these objects, offer a deep meditation on the topic for the artist who makes them. This MEA Word Art Symbol Hybrid worked beautifully for me, it inspired me in many different ways and also inspired that week's Sunday live which contains a lovely meditation on HOPE at the end. The HOPE Sunday Live: HOPE on Modern Energy Art site: - you can also download an outline picture to colour it in yourself for a lovely personal energy meditation on HOPE. Modern Energy Art public group on Facebook:

Sunday Live with Silvia

Let's find out ... but there is definitely going to be HOPE.

Stop The Hate - The 1st Step To Stop Hating (And Why That's So Important!)

Hate is really bad for a person. It compromises the immune system, causes damage to physical health, causes damage to mental health and of course disempowers the entire energy system, leading to problems/breakdowns in relationships, accidents, incidents, as well as becoming a "bad luck magnet." So how do we start to stop hating, especially when we have all these good reasons to be angry, and we are being constantly triggered by what's going on in the world? Here is that all important 1st step, without which we can't regain our real power in mind, body and spirit. Love what we do? Join us, support us! Need help? Find a practitioner:

Zauberbäume - Ein Moderner Energietraum von Silvia Hartmann

Manchmal kommen mir so Sachen in den Sinn, und dann schalte ich den Recorder an, und spreche aus, was mir mein liebes Energiebewusstsein zeigt. Ich lade dich herzlich ein, die Insel der Zauberbäume zu besuchen! Das ist aus dem SuperMind Department der Modernen Energie. Den Energiekurs machen:

Sunday Live 21 June 2020

We won't know what it's going to have been about until after it has happened! :-)

Sunday Live 14/6/20

Energy fun & games with Silvia Hartmann & Friends

Power of the Positives Unit 12: The Greatest Power Live with Silvia Hartmann

This is the conclusion to The Power of the Positives - and discovering the "greatest power" in actively working with positive energy and your own living energy body. I hope you have enjoyed the course and will use the ideas we've discussed here in the future to brighten your life and set a path towards experiencing more happiness, more often, as well as giving and receiving more and more LOVE - the ultimate power in the Universe. If you love what we do, please subscribe to the Guild of Energists! - Subscription comes with my Foundation Course in Modern Energy, which includes many different techniques we can use to raise energy, create positive changes and encourage natural, delightful forward momentum and evolution in our personal development. With lots of love from Silvia x