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Silvia Hartmann is President of the Guild of Energists


Experience Silvia Hartmann's MODERN Energy Tapping Book!

Silvia Hartmann's acclaimed Modern Energy Tapping is now available as a paperback book! Powerful, logical, simple and a fantastic experience each and every time, Modern Energy Tapping is the NEW way of getting what we want out of life - without the trauma! Engage The Power Of The Positives For Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Posted May 17, 2018

Die Abenteuer der Mennchen - das Buch

Herzlich willkommen bei den Abenteuern der Mennchen!

Posted Apr 23, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Presentation with Silvia Hartman

27 minute video of author Silvia Hartmann presenting on Modern Energy Tapping at the GoE Positive Energy Day which took place at Sedgwick Park UK in 2014.

Posted Apr 16, 2018

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy in a nutshell - Modern Energy explained.

Posted Apr 10, 2018

Was ist die Moderne Energie?

Moderne Energie kurz und bündig – Moderne Energie erklärt

Posted Apr 10, 2018

Modern Enerji Nedir?

Modern Enerjinin özeti ve açıklanması.

Posted Apr 10, 2018

GoE2016 - P13 - Energy Constellations – Created by Silvia Hartmann – Presented by Ilka Wandel

One hour video presentation by Ilka Wandel on Silvia Hartmann's "Energy Constellations". Also included is Silvia Hartmann's Energy Constellations Adobe PDF file to download and study at home.

To understand how things connect together, as a system across time and space, is probably one of the most amazing challenges. The most complex data is manageable if everything is in its rightful place, then it becomes a resource.

With Energy Constellations, created by Silvia Hartmann, we let the harrowing psychodrama of the past behind, and we go beyond the old. From information to action. Come to play with aspects, relationships, entities, family and group dynamics, accessing the right energy circuitry and structures in a magical and positive way.

Posted Apr 6, 2018

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy in a nutshell - Modern Energy explained.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

"My Life In Art" Story Board Exercise

Telling a story in pictures and in words to make the energy align and both tell the same story, broadcast the same energy, is a wonderful thing. Here is an example story board exercise, "My Life In Art." 

Posted Mar 16, 2018

Project Sanctuary: First Sanctuary with Silvia Hartmann

Project Sanctuary is easy, and fun. In this straightforward, friendly 14 minute free meditation, GoE President Silvia Hartmann guides you through the process of setting up a "first Sanctuary". Use this a number of times, then join up the habitats!

Posted Mar 12, 2018

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