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Star Energy Workshop With Silvia Hartmann 33min

This is a room camera recording from the 2017 GoE Conference with lots of interesting energy exercises around STAR ENERGY. The question, "How do we connect with our personal StarMan waiting in the sky?" was eventually answered and provided the big breakthrough - we do this by (finally!!!) giving focused attention to our Star Memories, the +10 experiences of our lives! They begin to connect up and form the STAR MATRIX. Star Matrix is the way!

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Remember: At the moment of YOUR conception, a STAR was born. x

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00:00 Introduction To Star Energy with Silvia Hartmann
01:40 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
02:33 The Mystery Of The Stars Through The Time Of Human Beings
08:00 The Star Metaphor
09:20 A Star Is Born Energy Exercise
12:15 The Galaxy, The Immortal Soul & das Zauberherz
14:15 Where Do The Stars Go?
17:35 Making Friends With The StarMan
23:00 Meeting The StarMan SuperMind Exercise
24:23 Star Research
26:30 Star Energy Exercises